SRX and AIG Singapore Join Forces To Eliminate The Headache Of Renting Out A Home

One Pearl Bank by Capitaland

Singapore proptech innovator SRX and major general insurance AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (“AIG Singapore”) today issued their alliance to provide an innovative alternative to one of their property leasing market’s long-term pain factors — the safety deposit — launch AIG Landlord Insurance on

One Pearl Bank by Capitaland, former knowns as Pearl Bank Apartments, going to re-developed by CapitaLand. Target to launch in 2019.

AIG Landlord Insurance is intended to make leasing a house hassle-free by providing better security for both landlords and tenants. Landlords benefit from being insured for damage and loss which isn’t confined to the quantity of the safety deposit1. For renters, it means that they can bypass the deposit by buying an insurance plan at a price that’s just a portion of the monthly lease, reducing the upfront money burden and taking away the stress of how much they will return in the close of the lease.

AIG Landlord Insurance supplies a guarantee for both landlords and tenants, with renters no more needing to pay large upfront safety deposit and landlords getting peace of mind using broader coverage. This item illustrates AIG’s commitment to providing more relevant options for clients.”

Jason Barakat-Brown, Chief Executive Officer of StreetSine Technology Group, the operator of SRX stated,”We have heard tales of tension between tenants and landlords within the security deposit plus it is time this pain stage was removed. Partnering with AIG Singapore to address this can be absolutely aligned with SRX’s aim to earn home hunting and property possession a joy. Individuals may find their perfect rental home with SRX’s high quality listings, so get an instantaneous estimate of the lease they need to be paying utilizing SRX X-Value, and today, have peace of mind if they go into their new residence using AIG Landlord Insurance.”

SRX associates are going to have the ability to buy AIG Landlord Insurance immediately online at out of now.