November indicates biggest month-on-month growth in resale hdb costs

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Mayfair Gardens: Sophisticated and exclusive

During 2019, resale HDB apartment costs demonstrate minimal upward movement with increments in the assortment of minus 0.2percent to 0.2 percent.

The past quarter of this year is generally a lull period for the home market, with fewer trades. Last month, though, a greater sale quantity was recorded compared with the exact same period this past year. Resale costs were 0.4% greater in a comparison.

Some analysts have attributed it to the execution of the improved Housing Grant (EHG) where greater grants of around $80,000 were made available to qualified first-time buyers no matter if they were purchasing a brand new or resale level.

Additionally, limitations on the form and place of the apartment were lifted.

2020 could see the Maximum number of apartments in 14 Decades

The slower action is nevertheless normal for its year-end and analysts are optimistic as the sales action last month was above the prior 12-month typical of 1,835 units, demonstrating a wholesome resale HDB marketplace.

Come 2020, market requirements could change as an extra 26,100 HDB flats can go into the resale market following year, which makes this the biggest number of apartments on the marketplace in 14 decades. Over the next 3 weeks , about 4,432 apartments will get to the end of the minimum occupation period (MOP) and be qualified for resale.

Last month, the priciest resale level was offered for about $ 1.08 million — a 5-room apartment in Commonwealth Drive to a top floor. Critics state the source of resale HDB flats along with also the EHG can end the 6-year decrease of HDB apartment rates.