HDB Urged To Remove Tenancy Requirement For Community Rental Flats

Assistant Professor Ng Kok Hoe at the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, who headed the study, said that the eligibility criteria under HDB’s public rental strategy are”rigorous, space is inadequate, and battle between co-tenants on account of the necessity for single occupants to share a’one-room flat’ without the bedrooms is well-documented”.

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“Eliminating the joint-tenancy necessity as an immediate measure won’t just enhance this exit path from homelessness, but may also help realise basic standards of privacy for its poorest residents in the public housing industry,” he said.

Key Findings

The analysis found that Singapore has 1,050 displaced folks, together with unemployment, irregular hours, low pay, family relationship difficulties, and lack of access to public housing cited as the main reasons for homelessness.

Roughly 40 percent of the surveyed said that they have a residential home under their name, of which 15% have public rental flats as addresses, while 11% own HDB flats.

Meanwhile, 39 percent of those respondents said they might live in a safer place, but decided not to do this because of their desire to become near workplaces. Other reasons include battle with family members; unwillingness to inconvenience friends or companies; and issues with getting along with co-tenants from HDB’s public rental strategy.